Not One Day More #ToriesOut National Demonstration

Not One Day More #ToriesOUT
Assemble 12pm, Saturday 1 July 2017 
BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA
March to Parliament Square





Theresa May called the General Election to gain a bigger majority, and despite massive media bias in favour of the Conservatives, she failed spectacularly to deliver on that. Now the Tories are in chaos trying to prop up a Government with the deeply conservative and regressive DUP.  

The horrific events that followed the election at Grenfell Tower were avoidable. Privatisation, cut backs and dodgy materials cost lives. Safety concerns were ignored. This is the most tragic example of what the consequences of austerity can be. 

The Election result represents a rejection of Tory policies. They know they have no mandate; already the Government has suggested they may have to ease their austerity plans because of huge opposition. We need to make sure the full force of that opposition is felt. If we continue to mobilise in huge numbers we can deepen the crisis for the Conservatives and force big concessions on the NHS, education, housing and jobs. There is already talk of another General Election in the next few months which would likely see the Tories loose further support and be unable to form a Government. 

On Saturday 1 July we invite everyone - from campaigns and community groups across the country, from the trade unions, from political parties, and any individual - to come together in one massive show of strength and solidarity. We're marching against a Government committed to austerity, cuts and privatisation. We're marching for a decent health service, education system, housing, jobs and living standards for all. We’ll hold a minutes silence for the victims of Grenfell Tower and a minutes applause for the emergency services who responded so bravely. Join us, bring your friends and spread the word.

For publicity materials please contact

Transport is being arranged from across the country - full details available soon. If you are organising transport please let us know and we will publicise. Keep checking our website for updates.


Speakers / performers include (more tba):


  • British Sign Language interpreters will be provided at both the start and end rally. 
  • Shorter route: for those that don't feel they can march the whole route we advise assembling opposite Downing Street (Richmond Terrace) from 1:30pm and joining the march as it comes past
  • An area for wheelchair users, deaf and disabled people will be fenced off at the front of the stage in Parliament Square.
  • The march will be on the road for the whole route so there shouldn't be any problems for wheelchair users.
  • Toilets: unfortunately it is impossible for us to provide toilets on the march due to budget and space limitations. However, there are many cafes, pubs, and some public toilets along the route.
  • If you have any accessibility questions or specific needs we will do all we can to meet them. Please feel free to contact us to discuss -


  • Assemble - BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place (Nearest tubes: Oxford Circus, Regents Park, Great Portland Street)
  • Regent Street, Haymarket, Cockspur Street, Whitehall
  • Ends - Parliament Square (Nearest tube: Westminster, Embankment, Charring Cross)

Coach drop off: Great Portland Street (North) / Portland Place (North)
Coach pick up: Millbank



We need hundreds of people to help us make sure the day runs smoothly. We rely entirely on our supporters to volunteer as stewards. We'll have a stewards briefing in the morning of the demonstration at 10:30am sharp at the assembly point - no prior experience or training needed. If you're up for joining our team for the day please email

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