North Yorkshire People's Assembly Report

On Tuesday we hosted a 'Defend Education' rally of over 100 people in the City Centre, and supporterd 10 picket lines across the city's 2 Universities and the FHE college. Students, staff and community members spoke in an open-microphone style rally. We learnt a key lesson: it only takes one group to call a demonstration, but if you wait for everyone to get back to you, you end up announcing it too late in the day - in this case, with only 5 days notice. See for photos.


Next Thursday, our petition against bedroom tax evictions is up for discussion at the Council, so we're desperate to get a big turn-out. The rally is timed for 5.30pm, with the Full Council meeting from 6.30pm. We're currently delivering leaflets to every house we previously visited with our petition, and hoping for a big, and noisy, turnout.

At our most recent meeting, we spent time discussing how we will demonstrate when the Liberal Democrat conference comes to York from 7th-9th March next year. The regional TUC are resourcing a demonstration, including transport from across the North. We want to put the People's Assembly front-and-centre, uniting our whole community for a massive demonstration. We've identified this as a key area of work after Christmas. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

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