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Norfolk People's Assembly Anti-cuts Rally

Norfolk People's Assembly AGM

NPA Radical Film Night


Government cuts: there is an alternative

Friday 23 May, 6.30pm, The Curve, The Forum, Norwich

Public meeting where we will discuss the topic and plan for the massive June 21 demo in London. Speakers include David Peel, national People's Assembly Press Officer, Roger Hutt from the striking Unison Care UK workers in Doncaster and Clare Solomon, People's Flotilla (national People's Assembly).

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Norfolk People's Assembly Budget Day filming

Budget Day March 19 2014 - on the streets of Norfolk and London asking people what they would like to say to Chancellor George Osborne and what they would want in a People's Budget

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What's the Norfolk People's Assembly all about?

A National Movement

The National People's Assembly Against Austerity took place on the 22nd June in London and saw over 4,000 activists from across the UK come together in order to launch a unified, collective movement against austerity.

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