No to Fracking and no to Austerity

1200 protesters brought Manchester to a standstill with three sit downs on the road as we marched through the city. The Anti Fracking camp at Barton Moss, Salford,  has been subject to horrendous police bullying tactics including intimidation of the ‘slow walk’ of the IGAS vehicles at the camp. The marchers in the city went at their own pace stopping at will.  

The march today brought the Barton Moss protectors, local Salford residents, and people from across Greater Manchester, students and trade unions together. We heard speakers from the camp, others linking the issues of fracking and climate change, the trade union support and The People’s Assembly linking austerity to the energy policy madness that leads to fracking. There was loud applause to our appeal that the Government bribe to fracking companies should be spent on health, education and housing.  

A great day for unity in Manchester today !

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