NHS Reinstatement Bill Day of Action

On Friday 11 March, the National Health Service Bill 2015-16 will have its second reading in Parliament, tabled by Green MP, Caroline Lucas. It currently has the support of 76 MPs including Lucas, Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell. We need your support to get more MPs to be present. Please support the Day of Action that day.


The Health & Social Care Act 2012 (HSCA) was implemented by the Coalition Government in April 2013 and it has thrown England’s NHS into a destructive, dangerous, disorganisation. It has ended the right to healthcare for all who need it (universal access) and there is no longer the right to a full range of health services (comprehensive healthcare). The principle of healthcare to all, free at the point of use, has been shattered by the legal changes of the HSCA including enforced tendering and private contracts, the vanguard projects of Hunt and Stevens (‘Five Year Forward View’) and now Osborne’s devolution pilots. We must win back our NHS; stabilise and secure its future; and reorganise it back to health from condition critical.

The NHS Bill reinstates an NHS that is publicly managed, publicly provided and publicly accountable. It reasserts the principle of healthcare that is free at the point of use for all who need it.

The Campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill is supported by Health Campaigns Together, an alliance of 24 organisations including People’s Assembly. We are calling on all MPs to support the Second Reading of the NHS Bill 2015-16 on 11 March so that it can progress and have a serious chance of more thorough scrutiny and debate.

Some argue that we cannot face another NHS reorganisations. We say in reply that the NHS cannot afford another 4 years of the current destructive disorganisation reaping havoc on the NHS right now. As a doctor I have seen this first hand. Alongside a damaging and deliberate underfunding of hospitals, GPs and community and mental health services in England, the NHS is being broken up into small competing provider units. Devolution pilots imposed without discussion bring the prospect of the NHS being broken up further into disparate organisational structures run by or alongside local authorities on their knees from savage cuts to social care, housing, libraries and education.

If given an informed choice, we believe the public would want what Scotland and Wales still have and say ‘Yes!’ loudly to legislation to bring back the NHS in England:

  • 'Yes’ to an NHS brought back into public ownership – we own the NHS & its assets
  • ‘No’  to an NHS with private companies cherry picking the easy operations, quick procedures and easy cash; to semi-privately run foundation trusts (FTs); exploitative PFI deals undermining NHS hospitals; and market systems costing £billions more annually than a publicly owned and publicly run NHS
  • 'Yes’  to an NHS that provides the comprehensive care health we've come to expect, through high quality staff cooperating to deliver frontline care to patients
  • ‘No’   to an NHS split into competing trusts, forced to waste time and money fighting off bids from private firms like Virgin, with commissioners denying patients vital procedures such as hip or cataract ops, vasectomies, hearing aids and more
  • 'Yes’ to an NHS with enough doctors & nurses to keep our hospitals open and safe 
  • ‘No’  to longer waiting lists and more bed closures justified by lies about 'care in the community'
  • 'Yes’  to an NHS that's legally protected from dodgy deals like TTIP
  • ‘No’   to an NHS of dangerously underfunded emergency and maternity services, with private corporations taking lucrative specialties and expanding insurance-based care
  • 'Yes’  to an NHS that's for everyone, without discrimination – its founding vision
  • ‘No’   to an NHS that turns its back on the homeless, the stateless or refugees, only for them to become sicker


We are hoping for 100 MPs to be at the Second Reading 11 March 2016. Help us get them there:

  • Lobby your MP to support the NHS Bill 2015-16
  • Ask your MP to attend the Second Reading in Parliament Friday 11th March
  • Support the Day of Action
    • 9.45am:  Petition hand-in Dept of Health, Richmond House, Whitehall
    • 11am-1.30pm:  Rally outside Parliament
    • Organise your own event or join with local Keep Our NHS Public, health campaigns, 38 Degrees, 999 activists on 11 March or alternative day


  • Ask your trades union / party branch / pensioners group / WI branch / mumsnet / your friends and family to support the NHS Bill

Visit http://keepournhspublic.com/uncategorised/nhs-bill-take-it-to-your-union/   for a model motion





Tony O’Sullivan

Consultant Paediatrician, Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign and Co-Chair of Keep Our NHS Public,



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