Newsletter May 2014

National demonstration and festival against austerity June 21

We're pleased to announce that, after weeks of difficult negotiations, we've finally got agreement we can use Parliament Square (rather than Old College Yard) as the finishing point for the national demonstration and free festival on 21 June.

The demo draws ever-closer and now is the time to really pick up our campaigning and get out on the streets. What we do in the next couple of weeks will make a real difference to the size of the demo. We have just two weekends left to build the demo, so we are organising street stalls, leafleting, mini-marches, workplace visits, postering, street meetings and much more across the country. Please do all you can to get down to some in the next two weeks, and mobilise for the demo whenever and wherever you can.

JUNE 7 11am top of Market Street - join us at our stall to leaflet and collect names for the demo, at 12 noonwe will also be at the national anti-bedroom tax meeting at Central Hall
JUNE 7/8 PARKLIFE - do you have tickets? Can you help us leaflet the festival goers as they gather in Prestwich?
JUNE 14 family fun day with 'Vodahome' at Vodofone, Market St, Manchester.
We will be supporting UK Uncut with their initiative to turn Vodofone shops into homes.
We will have our anti-austerity washing line, crafts, painting and music. Join us for mass leafleting, bring stalls if you have one and get involved.
Sign up to book your seat on the transport to London by hitting reply
You can donate to sponsor someone else on a low income to attend
Our next meeting will be 17 June 6:30pm at MERCI, 22A Beswick St, Manchester M4 7 HR


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