War on Welfare Petition reaches 100,000 signatures

December 12th, 2013 was, for many of us, a small moment of celebration as the WOW Petition ended with over 104,000 signatures and triggered the eligibility for consideration by the Back Bench Business Committee (BBBC).

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RIP Roger Lloyd Pack

Roger Lloyd-Pack was not only a talented actor, but worked tirelessly to challenge injustice and inequality in everything he did.

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The People's Charter/What We Stand For

The People's Assembly national conference on 15 March 2014 unanimously voted to endorse and The People's Charter. The people's Charter and supporting documents can be downloaded here:

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Videos - People's Assembly Launch 2013

Videos - National Conference 2014

A few videos from the first People's Assembly national conference on 15 March 2014. 
Thank you to Fourman Films for providing us with these videos! If you have any videos from the conference that you would like added to this page, please email the link to office@thepeoplesassembly.org.uk and we will add them.
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The People's Assembly National Delegate Conference - 15 March 2014

The first delegate conference of the People's Assembly since its launch last year in June saw over 700 delegates from local People's Assembly groups, trade unions, community and national campaigns and organisations coming together to debate and decide on where we are going as a national organisation in the coming year. The following documents have been put together based on the motions that were passed by conference:

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Founding Satement

The proposed declaration and action plan of the People’s Assembly

The declaration below represents the beginning of a democratic process leading towards a second People’s Assembly in early 2014. This declaration represents the views of all those who initially called for the People’s Assembly. We hope it will be endorsed by the People’s Assembly on 22nd June. It will then be open to the local People’s Assembly’s, union bodies and campaign groups who support the People’s Assembly to suggest amendments, additions, or deletions. These will then all be discussed and decided upon at the recall People’s Assembly in 2014.

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North Yorkshire People's Assembly Report

On Tuesday we hosted a 'Defend Education' rally of over 100 people in the City Centre, and supporterd 10 picket lines across the city's 2 Universities and the FHE college. Students, staff and community members spoke in an open-microphone style rally. We learnt a key lesson: it only takes one group to call a demonstration, but if you wait for everyone to get back to you, you end up announcing it too late in the day - in this case, with only 5 days notice. See http://wp.me/p3WbPS-4e for photos.


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Teesside Action Plan

Here’s a summary of the decisions we made at our meeting on Thursday 30 January 2014

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Peoples Assembly in the News

Enter summary here (or link to news report)

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