Fife People's Assembly Report

We are actively campaigning with the Fife Anti Bedroom Tax group and the Fife/Scottish Dept Busters group.

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Scotland People's Assembly Report

The official launch is on 25th January 2014. St. Stephens Church Centre, Bath Street, Glasgow. 11:00 – 14:00

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Birmingham People's Assembly Report

Following the national launch of the People’s Assembly campaigners and trade unionists met to begin to plan a Birmingham People’s Assembly launch.

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Suffolk People's Assembly Report

We set up in Ipswich last summer,  after Richard Allday and Sam Fairbairn spoke to a group of people who had previously been working as "Suffolk Coalition against the Cuts",  formed by Ipswich Trades Council.

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Brighton People's Assembly Report

We held a very successful launch event in May and have been up and running as a local group since July.

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Southampton People's Assembly Report

In July, the Southampton Morning Star Support Group took the initiative of hosting a meeting to create a People’s Assembly. The core support for moving forward to a launch was provided by UNITE and UNISON, there were a key band of individuals who also played a determining role.

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People's Assembly North East Report

The North East People's Assembly was created in March, we had a public meeting in May which attracted 200 people, followed by an all day launch conference in September, which included plenary sessions and workshops in the mould of the national event in June; an unique evening entertainment show was also included; this brought in more than 500.

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People's Assembly leaflet

People's Assembly Action Plan

People’s Assembly local groups and supporting organisations met on 7 December 13 to agree and plan the next steps for the campaign. We agreed on the following action plan:

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Owen Jones: 'Agenda for Hope'

Owen Jones puts forward his 'Agenda for Hope'. Published in the Independent.

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