Carmarthenshire PAAA Launch

Since the Con/Dem Government came to office , the  Tory assault on working class people has continued to  gather pace.  We are witnessing our public services  being destroyed, benefits cut and wages driven down, the loss of jobs, and increasingly claimants and migrant  workers are being scapegoated for the economic mess, not the bankers and politicians who are to blame. 

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Swindon PA Anti-Austerity protest

Anti-austerity protesters to march on Saturday

PEOPLE opposing the Coalition’s austerity policies will be in Swindon town centre on Saturday singing carols and asking shoppers to sign a giant Christmas card.

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Basingstoke youth debate austerity

AROUND 50 youths attended a Basingstoke event that put the spotlight on austerity.

The event, organised by Basingstoke Youth Movement, attracted a range of guest speakers who ignited a debate about austerity in Basingstoke.

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Bridgend/ RCT Petition: No Cuts

We call upon all RCT councillors to maintain current service provision and employment and to vote no to all proposed cut backs as part of our campaign of collective resistance.

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Oxford People's Assembly declaration

The Oxford People's Assembly was formed in answer to a call by the national People's Assembly Against Austerity, dedicated to action and to building local resistance to the policy of austerity punishing the poor and vulnerable in our society.  As part of our remit, the Oxford People's Assembly is consulting locally on the draft People's Declaration.

What's the Norfolk People's Assembly all about?

A National Movement

The National People's Assembly Against Austerity took place on the 22nd June in London and saw over 4,000 activists from across the UK come together in order to launch a unified, collective movement against austerity.

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Teesside Protest in Support of Firefighters and Fire Stations

Firefighters set to protest about budget cuts at Cleveland Fire Brigade

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Scotland Launch Meeting Report

 Report of the Launch Meeting held in the St Stephens Church Centre, Bath Street Glasgow on Saturday 25 January 2014

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Scotland Launch Meeting Report

Report of the Launch Meeting 

held in the St Stephens Church Centre,

Bath Street Glasgow

on Saturday 25 January 2014

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North East Report

The North East People's Assembly was created in March, we had a public meeting in May which attracted 200 people, followed by an all day launch conference in September, which included plenary sessions and workshops in the mould of the national event in June; an unique evening entertainment show was also included; this brought in more than 500.

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