North Yorkshire People's Assembly Report

On Tuesday we hosted a 'Defend Education' rally of over 100 people in the City Centre, and supporterd 10 picket lines across the city's 2 Universities and the FHE college. Students, staff and community members spoke in an open-microphone style rally. We learnt a key lesson: it only takes one group to call a demonstration, but if you wait for everyone to get back to you, you end up announcing it too late in the day - in this case, with only 5 days notice. See for photos.


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Teesside Action Plan

Here’s a summary of the decisions we made at our meeting on Thursday 30 January 2014

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Peoples Assembly in the News

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Sunderland Blog

One of George Osborne’s most egregious acts of backing his City chums rather than battling for Britain was his decision to take the rest of Europe to court over the decision of 11 member states to proceed with a Robin Hood Tax. He took great comfort from the legal opinion of the Council of Ministers that backed his case over the measure known formally as the Financial Transactions Tax (FTT).

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St Albans Launch

Report in the local newspaper about the launch of the St Albans People's Assembly. 

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Sheffield Radio Interviews

Radio interviews with the Sheffield People's Assembly

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Merseyside Mission Statement


This is a call to all those in Merseyside and surrounding areas who face an impoverished and uncertain time and those willing to stand with them, as wages, jobs, conditions and welfare provision come under renewed attack by the government.

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Nottingham - Andreas Bieler: Why we need local People's Assemblies

The public sector in the UK is under attack across the board. Tuition fees and marketisation in Higher Education, the abolition of the Education Maintenance Allowance in Further Education, moves towards privatising parts of the NHS, the transformation of schools into academies, cuts in disability benefits, the list could go on.

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Medway Blog post one

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London South Mission Statement

Mission statement of the South London People's Assembly

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