For Grenfell Tower

We can't resume posting here without marking the terrible fire which destroyed the Grenfell Tower flats in North Kensington, early in the morning of Wednesday 14 June. Scores have died in the most horrifying circumstances; hundreds have lost their homes.

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Agenda for the June CPA meeting

Monday 12 June / 7.30 p.m. / River Lane Centre, River Lane, Cambridge CB5 8HP

Everyone's welcome at our June meeting, at the wheelchair-accessible River Lane Centre (halfway along the road, opposite the junction with Beche Road and next to a small playground). Please note that it's not on the first Wednesday of the month as usual: we agreed last time to wait until after the general election on 8 June. As always we'll agree the agenda at the start, but here's the draft which circulated on our mailing list last week.

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Strawberry Fair stall

Saturday 3 June / 11 a.m. / Midsummer Common, Cambridge CB5

After our participation in Cambridge's mass stall days on 6 and 27 May, we'll go into the field (this time literally) once more ahead of the general election with a stall in the Love Music Hate Racism area at Strawberry Fair. We're saying again, let's vote to kick the Conservatives out of government on Thursday 8 June!

Minutes of the May CPA meeting

There follow the minutes of our May meeting. Our next monthly meeting will be held not on the usual first Wednesday of the month, but on Monday 12 June at 7.30 p.m., at the wheelchair-accessible River Lane Centre, River Lane, Cambridge CB5 8HP.

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Captain Ska protest BBCR1 Chart show on Friday

Captain Ska & People's Assembly protest & party outside BBC Chart Show
Friday 2 June 2017, 4pm - 7pm
BBC Broadcasting Hose, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA
Captain Ska's track, accusing Theresa May of being a "Liar Liar" has stormed to the top of the charts - but the radio broadcasters are refusing to play it. 
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Education Question Time

Tuesday 31 May / 7.30 p.m. / NCI Sports and Social Club, 1 Holland Street, Cambridge CB4 3DL

This meeting, sponsored by the Cambridgeshire National Union of Teachers association, is a chance for us to question the Cambridge parliamentary candidates on all matters related to school education, including the crucial one of funding. The Institute for Fiscal Studies recently calculated that the governing Conservative Party's plans imply a cut of 3 per cent in real terms by 2021/22, rising to 7 per cent if the last two years' austerity cuts are included (see for example the report of the Daily Telegraph for 26 May).

Austerity Fight - Feature Film

A brand new feature length documentary film 'Austerity Fight' gets it's world premier in London on June 16th. It deals with all the issues the Peoples Assembly has been campaigning on. It also features the brilliant #OurNHS demo. Check it out.

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'Liar Liar' song hits No.10 in charts, BigTop40 refuse to play it

A song accusing Theresa May of being a ‘liar’ has today hit no.10 in the download chart but the BigTop40 chart show on Capital FM and Heart have refused to play it. 

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She's a Liar Liar!

Available for download NOW - tell everyone you know!

Captain Ska's "Liar, Liar" is officially released today. We have one week to get it in the top 40, forcing the BBC to play it over the airways! 

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Cambridge activists again say kick out the Tories

Saturday 27 May / 11 a.m. / Fitzroy Street, Cambridge CB1

This Saturday we'll join other local groups as we did three weeks ago to set up stalls on Fitzroy Street, with one message: let's kick out the Tories in the general election on 8 June!

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