National Protest - 20th June

Biggest Protest In Years...

The June 20th demonstration against Austerity is set to be the biggest protest in years. The election of a Tory majority government will mean attacks on the things ordinary people care about – the NHS, the welfare state, education and public services.

Already we know that David Cameron's government plans to attack the Human Rights Act, to expand the Bedroom Tax to cover a further million people, to make it harder for workers to strike and to introduce further spending cuts.

But this government has no mandate for its cuts. Barely a third of voters, voted for the Tories and they only got votes from 24 percent of those eligible to vote.

Parties and politicians that spoke out against austerity increased their vote. This is one reason behind the increase in support for the SNP and the Greens.

The popular anger at austerity has already meant thousands have taken to the streets. On the Saturday after the election, thousands protested against cuts outside Downing Street and 100s more in Cardiff, including singer Charlotte Church who carried a placard saying “I'm Mad As Hell and I'm Not Going to Take it Any More”.

On Thursday 14 May, up to 4,000 people demonstrated in Bristol after a group of college students put out a call on social media. The protest was joined by trade unionists and anti-cuts campaigners.

The national demonstration on June 20th is a key date for this movement.

We need to make it as big as possible. The larger the demonstration, the more confidence everyone who wants to fight austerity will have. It will show that we haven't given up hope, and that we are willing to organise.

There are hundreds of people set to go on transport from Manchester.

  • If you want to join us, please BOOK NOW. You can do so here
  • But can you also help make this protest as successful as possible?
  • We want those on low pay, the unemployed and those hit by welfare cuts to be able to participate. Can you make a donation, or pay slightly more for your ticket? Could you union branch sponsor a seat on the transport?

Can you promote the demonstration?

  • A model union motion, leaflet and other information can be downloaded from the Peoples' Assembly website
  • Can you help leaflet for the protest?
  • We will be running a stall at the Manchester anti-austerity protest on Saturday 23 May in Piccadilly Gardens, from 12pm. Please come and join us.

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