Mum of 4 fears her kids will be taken after Tory eviction

IMG_20150308_132245.jpgA MOTHER of four broke down in tears yesterday as she recounted how her north London council has made her homeless after the Sweets Way estate demolition. 

Juliet Azie was left with nowhere to go when Barnet Homes decided she had made herself “intentionally homeless” and refused to find her new accommodation.

Ms Azie and her children, including her top-of-class daughter who is preparing for her GCSEs, had lived in the now-empty estate for four years. 

Barnet Homes agreed to see her for an emergency meeting today, which the mother hopes will change her fate. 

Crying on the phone to the Star, Ms Azie said: “I’m hoping they overturn the decision and find me a home for me and my children. 

“That’s all I hope for, for it to be over, or else I know that they will take my kids off me because I won’t have anywhere to go and on my wages I can’t afford London.”

Ms Azie said that the council offered her one place that was simply too far away from her children’s school and her own work and that further options provided by Barnet Homes had proven unworkable.

“I went through the private sector just to try. I know they won’t accept me,” she said. 

After knocking at four estate agents’ doors she was left disillusioned by their inability to cater for her family or their unaffordable rents. “The private landlords are really abusing the system and Barnet Homes knows this and they are treating us this way,” she said.

“The way they treat us really puts you down, makes you feel not valued.”The whole process had left her distressed as well as “broken,” “not knowing what to think” and with “no feelings.”

Ms Azie’s family was one of the 150 kicked out of Sweets Way to make way for a new luxury complex powered by private developer Annington.

A spokesman for the Sweets Way Resists campaign, which has supported Ms Anzie through her plight and set up a demonstration outside today’s meeting said: “If Barnet can destroy 150 homes that people have been living in, then they can also find local accommodation in the borough that those families can afford, within reach of their work and school commitments.”

When contacted Barnet Homes told the Star they would not make any comment until the meeting took place.


From The Morning Star by Joana Ramiro

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