Model Motion 2017

Below is a model motion for the People's Assembly National Conference 2017


This group/union/assembly notes:

  1. The NHS is in crisis

  2. Education sector cuts are on the increase

  3. The housing crisis is getting worse, with social housing at terminally low levels and key worker housing soon to be scrapped. 

  4. Chancellor Phillip Hammond is still committed to Osborne's cuts and has more timetabled in the future.

  5. The Tory government is hugely unpopular with an unelected prime minister.

  6. The need to grow the people's assembly is as urgent as ever.


This group/union/assembly believes:

  1. That the People’s Assembly movement represents the best chance of defeating austerity.

  2. That the broad, inclusive model of People’s Assembly organisation is proving attractive and effective to tens of thousands of activists.

  3. That an effective anti-austerity movement can facilitate the revival of workplace confidence and increase the possibility of industrial action by trade unionists.


This group/union/assembly resolves:

  1. Grow the local groups

  2. Build mass demonstrations for the NHS To make a donation of *insert amount* towards extra costs of the conference
  3.  Plan a huge protest at the Tory party conference in Manchester 2017

  4. Make a donation to the People's Assembly of [____] to help the campaign.

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