Change is coming Model Motion

Download our Model Motion for our upcoming National Assembly:

CHANGE IS COMING... How to achieve an anti-austerity Government?

You can download and print the model motion and submit to your local CLP, Trade Union Branch, Trades Council or other campaign and help build this important event. 

The text reads as follows: 

How to achieve an anti-austerity Government?

National People’s Assembly Saturday 2 June 2018 - Model Motion

This organisation notes:

1. The record levels of poverty recorded in the latest report from the Joseph Rowntree
2. That the new poverty figures show large increases in the number of old people below
the poverty line.
3. That real wages continue to decline as part of a decade long trend.
4. That the government’s figures show that wages will continue to decline for at least
another eight years.
5. That government borrowing is higher now than when the coalition government came to
power in the 2011 election.
6. That the NHS, public housing and public transport are in an unprecedented crisis
brought about by underfunding.
7. The forthcoming National Peoples’ Assembly titled “Change Is Coming: How can we
achieve an anti-austerity government?”

This organisation believes:

1. That we cannot wait until the next election scheduled for 2022 to end austerity.
2. That the entire labour movement must renew its efforts to defeat austerity.
3. That a new, re-energised struggle to defeat that government must be planned and
implemented by the labour movement as soon as possible
4. That the Peoples’ Assembly Against Austerity has proven itself one of the most effective umbrella organisations for uniting anti-cuts campaigns, trade unionists and activists across the labour movement.

This organisation resolves:

1. To affiliate to the Peoples’ Assembly Against Austerity.
2. To support and publicise the forthcoming Change is Coming National Assembly.
3. To send delegates to the Change is Coming National Assembly.


You can find out more about the event here. 

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  • Michael Ellman
    commented 2018-04-04 10:32:46 +0100
    We should call on the Parliamentary Labour Party to propose a vote of no confidence in the Govt. (to trigger a general election)

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