Milton Keynes Group opens with a packed meeting

10206177-large.jpgThe main hall and galleries of The Church of Christ the Cornerstone were packed for tonight's Milton Keynes Against the Cuts meeting (Wednesday June 3).


The audience continued to cheer throughout the speeches from political commentator and Guardian columnist Owen Jones, Chrsitine Blower, secretary of the National Union of Teachers and Sam Fairbain, national secretary of The People's Assembly.

The main message from all speakers was to unite together and fight to stop the Conservative government continuing to steal from the poor to feed the rich.

Here are six messages the speakers wanted to get across;

  1. Improve the situation for those on zero hour contracts and who are working but are worse off
  2. Join the national demonstration on June 20 outside the Bank of England in London
  3. Do not privatize schools into academies and focus on children's education
  4. Ensure all children have breakfast, a hot meal and a bed and reduce childhood poverty
  5. Continue opposition and don't be silenced but unite against the new millionaire filled cabinet
  6. Ensure living wage for everyone and use the power of history including for example the fights of the suffragettes to fuel the campaign today and not give in

Milton Keynes Against the Cuts is a campaign group that started in the city around 2008. It continues to campaign against the Bedroom Tax, to not downgrade Milton Keynes Hospital A&, and for a better working and benefits system.

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