Manchester People’s Assembly Newsletter, February 2014

We had a fantastic turn out at our assembly on Saturday the 15th February, with over 50 people in attendance. We would like to thank everyone who took the time out to attend the meeting and helped us to create such an energetic and enthusiastic meeting

The topics of discussion were around budget day, Fracking, Education and the NHS. We had speakers from NHS Watch, GM fair pay campaign, Manchester Trades Council, National Union of Teachers and Public & civil service union! And two proposals were put forward. 

We also put our heads together to make a plan for the demonstration which we are planning for the 19th of March 2014 on budget day.

Firstly we would briefly like to tell you about what the speakers had to propose and the motions which were passed

• Motion one: Anti fracking: Ali explained the arguments around fracking and it's affect on the environment, energy policy, fuel poverty and the campaign for 100 climate jobs
o Passed unanimously 
• Motion two: Participatory democracy: Mich explained the concept organising by consensus for People’s Assemblies and how to encourage greater participation in decision making and structures.
o Passed with 11 abstentions

Secondly we nominated delegates to attend our national recall conference on 15 March in London. They will attend to represent Manchester

Our ten delegates are from:​​

Stockport National Union of Teachers (NUT)

Campaign against the Bedroom Tax

Darwen & Blackburn Labour Councillor & Stop the war Coalition

Left Unity

Lancaster University and College Union (UCU)

Tameside Keep our NHS Public and political writer

PA Supporter and fundraiser

Occupy activist

Rochdale Against Cuts

Save our NHS Student Soc

As there were only 10 people who put themselves forward for the role of delegate, we did not need to take a vote. However, if you want to attend the recall conference as a delegate you still can if you are in a union or anti austerity group. Simply get delegated from the organisation you are in and register online or contact us. 

We will hold a report back meeting on March 27th 2014 


Finally we discussed Budget Day, March 19, National day of action

The demonstration will start at 5pm in Albert Square, Manchester.

We brainstormed ideas to get maximum coverage and participation and decided to organise around


We will meet in Albert Square with music banners, wag bags and sandbags.

The government is pumping money into big business to feed corporate greed.

Taxes are leaking out of the system. One common area we also agreed on was for everyone to carry and hold the infamous George Osborne red suitcase and hand out leaflets from it to the public.

You get the theme…

We really feel that this could be a fantastic demonstration if we all pull together. While we all have different issues we are passionate about the budget announcement will affect everyone, just as austerity does.  So if we all pull together we can highlight the issues that need resolving and hopefully get closer to having a government run by the people, for the people.

We would very much like your feedback, we are also seeking volunteers to help make this demonstration successful and has the impact it deserves. If you can spare any time to get involved we would love to hear from you.


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