Protest the Manchester Tory Party Conference

“How dare the Tories come to our city?! A city annihilated by their cuts.” was how actor and friend of the People's Assembly Maxine Peake put it last year. 2017 is the time to remind the Tories they are still not welcome in this great city. 

Last year the People's Assembly launched it's Take Back Manchester initiative which brought tens of thousands on to the streets of Manchester to say the Tories aren't welcome, and end austerity now. 

We'll be calling a National Demonstration in the city to let them know that even though David Cameron is gone, George Osborne is no longer chancellor we won't rest until we have chased them out of office...

Put the date in the diary and join us to help us chase the Tories out of Manchester.

For a taste of some of the things we put on in 2015 take a look here.

*More details to follow*


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