National Demo: No To Austerity | Protest the Tory Party Conference

Sunday 4 October 2015

12pm: Assemble Oxford Road, Manchester M15 6BH
March through the city on a route that circles the Tory Conference
3:30 / 4pm (as the march arrives): Final Rally at Castlefields Arena

End Austerity Now

As Conservative Party Conference meets in Manchester this year, thousands of us will march through the city, taking a clear message to the Conservative Party about their Government's damaging programme of austerity and their attacks on the rights of working people.

Form up from 12 noon
The march will form up along Oxford Road from the main stage area at All Saints Park. Speakers will commence (organised by the TUC) with music from 12.30pm. The first part of the rally will take place while the march is static and at 1.30pm the march will move off. Speeches and music will continue as the march progresses down Oxford Road and passes the stage, meaning that participants towards the back of the march also get a chance to hear contributions as they are moving off.

Closing Rally from 3:30 / 4pm (as the march arrives) - Castlefields Arena
The People's Assembly is organising the closing rally for the march which will take place in Castlefields Arena, a short walk from the march end point.

  • Speakers @ Castlefields Arena include:
    Charlotte Church, Owen Jones, Mark Serwotka (PCS), Julie Hesmondhalagh (Actress), Mark Steel (Comedian), Sam Fairbairn (People's Assembly), Natalie Bennett (Green Party), Dave Ward (CWU), Dr Anas Tikriti (Muslim Association of Britain), Francesca Martinez (Comedian), Steve Sweeny (Morning Star), Anita Wright (National Assembly of Women), John Rees (Stop the War Coalition), Kate Hudson (CND), Paul Nowak (TUC), Matt Wrack (FBU), Bread & Roses Choir, Sam Duckworth, Junior Doctors Campaign

Route (see map below): March down Oxford Road to Portland Street; Turn right into Portland Street to the junction with Princess Street; Turn left into Princess Street and follow until Albert Square; Follow left around Albert Square to Southmill Street; Bear right into Southmill Street to Junction with Peter Street; Turn right into Peter Street to junction with Deansgate; Turn left into Deansgate to finish at junction with Liverpool Road. Final Rally a shot walk down Liverpool Road, left into Rice Street to Castlefields Arena.

For disabled marchers, we have made arrangements for viewing the rally and joining in with the march.

For those who wish to view the rally there will be a drop off area in Cavendish Street adjacent to All Saints Park, with drop down kerb if required and a viewing area designated at the front of the stage. Access permits for vehicles will be required. Signers will be provided at the rally.

Participants may then join the march from this point. The total length of the march 1.5 miles.

If participants require a shorter march route, then accessible transport will be provided from Cavendish Street, to Albert Square at the junction with Clarence Street. Disabled toilets are available in Albert Square, as are accessible refreshment venues. Once the march reaches Albert Square participants will be assisted by stewards to join the march as it proceeds and passes the party conference secure areas. The distance to the end of the march from this point is approximately 0.5 miles.

The nearest train station to the form up point is Manchester Oxford Road. Those travelling by train and walking to the rally and form up point are asked to use Upper Brook Street and Higher Cambridge Street before accessing Oxford Road. This is to avoid congestion at the front of the rally area.

Coach Drop Off and Pick Up

Coaches are asked to drop off participants on Upper Brook Street (which runs parallel to Oxford Road), near to the junctions with Brunswick Street and Dover Street. Coaches are asked to make their way to the drop off area via either Hyde Road or Princess Parkway. This is due to roadworks on the Mancunian Way that may still be in place.

Coaches will be met by Greater Manchester Police Officers and given a pack containing details and information for the day, including their exact pick up location (which will be colour coded) and coach number. It is important that people remain on the coach to hear this information and the steward/organiser on the coach will be asked to assist in ensuring people are given this information.

Empty coaches will then be directed to their pick up location for the conclusion of the march. This will be Great Jackson Street/City Road East area. This is near to the end on Deansgate and will be signposted on the day.

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