London South Mission Statement

Mission statement of the South London People's Assembly

Mission statement

“We have a plain and simple goal: to make the government abandon its “austerity programme” and if it will not, to replace it with one that will.” Tony Benn, People’s Assembly, June 2013

We do not believe the government’s austerity programme is necessary.

Austerity does not work.

It does not result in either deficit reduction or growth.

Austerity is not just.

The government takes money from the pockets of those who did not cause the crisis and rewards those who did.

Austerity is immoral.

Our children face a bleaker future if our services and living standards are devastated.

Austerity is undemocratic.

At the last election a majority voted against the return of a Tory government.

The Con-Dem coalition has delivered us into the grip of the Tories whose political project is the destruction of a universal welfare state, using the economic downturn as an excuse.

We aim to bring together all those against the cuts in South London into a broad democratic alliance.

We stand with all those organisations and individuals in South London who have made the case against the government so far: including but not limited to Save Lewisham Hospital, Southwark Save Our Services, Lambeth Save Our Services, trade unions, representatives of the Labour party, UK Uncut, Coalition of Resistance, and the many campaigning and community groups who want to fight the cuts.

We aim to unite our movement in South London and strengthen our campaigns. We do not seek to replace any organisations but we believe a single united movement is required to challenge more effectively a nationally led government austerity programme. We support a recalled National People’s Assembly to review our movement’s progress in spring 2014.

We will concentrate on action not words.

We support all effective forms of action against the cuts in South London and aim to build a united movement of resistance. We aim to provide the maximum solidarity for trade unions and all others taking action, including strike action. We defend the people’s right to protest.

We aim to be a resource for all those who want to fight inequality and spending cuts.

We believe an alternative is possible and will disseminate analysis and ideas from leading experts and campaigners developing policies for a new anti-austerity government, such as:

  • Progressive taxation of corporations and the super-rich
  • Investment in manufacturing, green technology to stimulate economic growth
  • A living wage to combat poverty
  • Strong trade unions to help redistribute profit
  • Privatisation of public services reversed and common ownership embraced

We aim to confront the government myths of ‘golden pensions’, ‘scroungers’ or the ‘undeserving poor’ through campaigning and providing accurate information.

We aim to connect those fighting the cuts in South London to a national anti-austerity movement.

We are committed to building the national day of civil disobedience and direct action against austerity on November 5th in South London, and the national demonstration in Spring 2014.

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