Let's Make West Wales a Tory Free Zone

Anti Boris Johnson demo prepares the ground to make West Wales a ‘Tory Free Zone’, with an unprecedented arsenal of activism.

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Photo: Jim Scott – Convener, Pembrokeshire People’s Assembly
credit- The Pembrokeshire Herald

Here in Pembrokeshire we are currently lumbered with two Tory MP’s; The publicly disgraced [former DWP sec] Stephen Crabb who is now much reviled in the County as well as [recently appointed Parliamentary Secretary] Simon Hart who is equally disliked by the people of Pembrokeshire. Over the past 6 years we have worked tirelessly to expose Crabb and Hart for the self-serving careerists and character devoid Tory stooges that they are, a cursory look at their voting records shows that between them they have zero moral fibre and that they both consistently vote for austerity, cuts & privatization.  Both know that the clock is now counting down to their electoral exile and we at Pembrokeshire People’s Assembly have been doing everything we can to speed up that process! At the 2017 General Election they both took major hits to their vote share’s as a result! Stephen Crabb’s majority was slashed by 5,000 votes and he now clings by a claw to his feeble 314 vote majority. 


So in response to Boris Johnson’s shameless attempts to hi-jack Westminster with his plans to Prorogue Parliament, Pembrokeshire People’s Assembly leapt into action by calling an emergency rally [on Monday 2nd Sept] to unequivocally say no to Boris Johnson and no to the Government!



The Rally was clearly aimed at both ‘Leave or Remain’ supporters and themed: ‘Stop the suspension of democracy - General Election Now! Tories Out!’. It attracted strong cross-party support. Among the speakers were Joyce Watson – Labour Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales, reps from Plaid Cymru, the Greens, WASPI, Stand Up to Racism and the two Labour Party candidates Philippa Thompson and Marc Tierney who are both gearing up to oust Crabb and Hart from their Pembrokeshire seats in the next General Election, which we know will be very soon.



We were quite clear in our call to action; Leave or remain we cannot accept this attack on our democracy and the crowd was vocally angry over Johnson’s Machiavellian move.

In her speech, Joyce Watson highlighted that the last time Parliament was prorogued it was by John Major’s Tory Government in order to quash debate over the cash for questions scandal and that this time it would be used to pass through legislation without any democratic process in place. She went on to point out that the Tories within the Welsh assembly constantly attack Welsh Labour over their lack of spending in Wales yet refuse to do anything about the inadequate budget coming from Westminster due to Tory austerity. This is Tory hypocrisy at its best!

Many of the speakers called for an immediate General Election and for the ‘Tories Out’ sending a clear message to Johnson, Crabb and Hart that we want an end to Vicious Tory rule, highlighting that years of austerity imposed by a wealthy elite had caused unimaginable suffering to everyday people. Philippa Thomson [candidate for Preseli Labour] highlighted that Johnson had put British democracy into a state of “peril”. She said Johnson’s plans were “not about delivering the Brexit you may have voted for it’s about silencing your voices.” 

In the local papers, Stephen Crabb’s impotent response to our demo was to say; “I don’t have a lot of time for this huffing and puffing and false outrage”! He even felt the need to add a lie, by stating that we would only lose four days of debate!

So what now for Pembrokeshire? 


With Boris Johnson now presiding over the most disastrous Government we have ever seen and with Crabb & Hart actively supporting this shambles, the scene is set. 

West Wales activists are preparing for the campaign of a lifetime! We know that Crabb and Hart are weak and exposed, their support for Johnson’s attempts to subvert democracy have sent a clear message, even to the people who once voted for them; That they have zero credibility and are far more interested in feathering their second homes and bumping up their pension pots than they are in the welfare of the people.


With a General Election looming we’re getting organised, left-activists of all tribes will be trialling an unprecedented arsenal of activism and campaign techniques never before attempted in rural setting. A ‘Take Back Pembrokeshire’ campaign disseminating thousands flyers will aim to return West Wales to its former status as a ‘Tory Free Zone’.

Leaflets will target the Tories’ manipulative and deceitful online ad campaigns. We will focus on apathetic voters ripe for seizing the message of class unity, and counter the disinformation and media-sanctioned fake news campaigns against Jeremy Corbyn with a wide-reaching and battle-hardened sticker campaign to saturate awareness across the county! 

Combined with mass-crowdfunded, ethical online ad targeting to provide an organised counter-response against the Cambridge Analytica style tactics which we know will be employed by Boris Johnson and his senior advisor Dominic Cummings, who was involved in an illegal campaign to subvert and corrupt British democracy using military-grade psychological warfare operations during the Vote Leave campaign.


So keep your eyes on West Wales because we are planning an utter annihilation of the Tories here. Crabb is of such weak character that he has almost never voted against the Tory whip, despite knowing full well the widespread suffering this is causing to working class people. An open homophobe, now seeped in multiple sexting scandals it’s a wonder he hasn’t resigned already but we know he will be easy pickings once we ramp up our attentions on him.

Pro-hunting Hart is a former Chief exec of the Countryside Alliance who continued to draw a £30k salary from them even after taking office as an MP. Despite Hart’s tendency to ‘get personal’ with people on social media when challenged which pretty unbalanced behaviour for an MP, he easily matches Crabb in weakness of character. Harts parliamentary record is a catalogue of votes for welfare cuts, restrictive regulation of trade union activity, against a Bankers bonus tax, pro war & pro NHS privatization. Pretty much every bit of damage the Tories have dished out in the last ten years, Hart has voted for it!


So it’s going to be a satisfying project to take these two Tory lackeys out of action and prevent them from inflicting any more damage on our society!


Watch this space in the coming weeks because we are going to Take Back Pembrokeshire!

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