Kent Motion Submitted for Recall Conference (15/03/14)

Recall conference motion from Kent.
Motion title: Individual Member Funding
Zone: Structure

This conference notes:
1. Money is required to fund action. This includes money for organising & promoting demonstrations, such as leaflets, placards & transport.
2. We also need money to support a cutting edge website that allows us to participate & organise in a joined up & inclusive way.

This conference believes:
1. That to bring together as many as possible who oppose this neo-liberal onslaught, participation needs to be high & involvement should not face a barrier of money in the form of compulsory membership fees, however small.
2. Much better for individual members to donate freely & that contributions should not be seen in purely monetary terms. Organising, leafleting, spreading the message on social media, etc. are valid contributions.

This conference resolves:
1. That local People’s Assemblies take responsibility for membership by ensuring members are registered through the new website of the People’s Assembly that makes use of the NationBuilder software.
2. That local People’s Assemblies aim to ensure an agreed minimum amount per member is paid into the central, national fund. That this may come from a few contributions, whilst others may pay nothing but contribute in other ways.
3. That this agreed minimum amount per member for each local assembly is necessary for the local assembly to be officially recognised as a registered local People’s Assembly & able to participate in decision-making.

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