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The Kent People's Assembly group currently includes the following groups: 
Regional coordination:
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Canterbury: 0122 736051
Folkestone: Facebook / Twitter

Transport from Kent to London 20 June demo

Kent coach pick ups:
Ramsgate station 10am
Cecil Square, Margate, 10.30am
Whitstable Library 11am
Chatham station 11.45am

This coach has been sponsored by Unite the Union and Medway TUC

Free places, but please book in advance. 

Call 07947 424505
Message on Facebook: Kent People's Assembly

2014: Time for Participatory Democracy

Can the People’s Assembly rise to the challenge?
Since 2008 the left has failed to make an impact. This is largely due to the history of the 20th century: Stalinism, Maoism & improving material conditions for much on the working class, especially in the West. But now the material conditions have changed, we are getting worse off, the left need to catch-up & join the 21st century.

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Kent Motion Submitted for Recall Conference (15/03/14)

Recall conference motion from Kent.
Motion title: Individual Member Funding
Zone: Structure

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Kent regional and local contacts

The Kent People's Assembly group currently includes the following groups:

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