Hands off our NHS, Support the Junior Doctors | Demonstration

Saturday 17 October 2015

START speakers in Waterloo Place at 1400 - 1600
MARCH along Pal Mal and Whitehall from 1600 - 1700
END Parliament Square SW1P 1700 - 1800

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Junior Doctors are the latest group of workers the government has decided to go for. Changes to contracts will remove safeguards protecting junior doctors from working excessive hours. 

This attack on working conditions forms part of cuts to the NHS funding and privatisation of the NHS which the government is trying to hide. 

One junior doctor told the People's Assembly "If Hunt gets his way, many more English doctors will find work in this country non-economically viable and leave an NHS already in staffing crisis without any medical staff! Ironically medics would likely be better off in a privatised health service so we fight for the patients that would not be able to afford it"

This Saturday junior doctors have organised a demonstration against these new contracts.


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