Join the London Climate march - 21 September

The climate challenge is often side-lined, by some of the more immediate and practical problems facing the anti-austerity movement. It remains that Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere has increased from around 280ppm (parts per million) in the last two hundred years to a record 400ppm, concentrations not seen on earth for about 3 million years. We cannot ignore  UN secretary general, Ban Ki Moon, when he says that climate change is the “greatest collective challenge facing humankind today”

Climate change is already costing the world $1.2 trillion per year and causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people each year through extreme weather, drought and conflict.

In September, world leaders, led by Ban Ki Moon, will meet for a historic climate change summit in New York. Demonstrations are taking place throughout the world to show that we need action and ambition on climate change.

A march is taking place in London on Sunday the 21st September. This is being backed by a coalition of organisations including Avaaz,, the Campaign against Climate Change, and the Climate Coalition (which includes the major NGO’s such as Friends of the Earth, Oxfam  and Greenpeace). 

The Details: 

Date: Sunday September 21, 2014 
Time: Meet at 12:30pm, ends: 2:30pm 
Meet at: Temple Place, WC2R London
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The People’s Assembly is supporting this march. 

The People’s Assembly sets out to make strengthen the connection between climate change and the anti-austerity movement. Climate change has been created by industrialisation, and the exploitation of coal and oil. This has been done regardless of the impact  upon the environment. And now we have the grotesque dash for gas (and quick profits).  Fracking of shale gas is a terrible and wasteful diversion from the real solution as WE can obtain all our energy needs from renewables and the majority (82%) of the UK population want renewable energy.

Transport accounts for more than a quarter of our greenhouse gas emissions, and most of this comes from cars, planes, lorries and vans. Hence need to make public transport popular, to switch people from cars to public transport and freight, to switch from lorries and planes to trains and to replace petrol and diesel engines with renewable electricity.

We need to employ hundreds of thousands of workers, mostly from the construction industry, to refit homes, public building and businesses. The more we can argue for climate jobs in the UK - the case has been made for a million climate jobs - the more we can narrow the gap between the anti-austerity and the climate movements. Putting millions to work in decent, meaningful employment, will also help build the infrastructure to tackle spiralling climate change.

Therefore we are calling upon supporters of the People’s Assembly to support this march, and to build the links between the anti-austerity and the environmental movements.

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