Jeremy Corbyn to speak at our Not One Day More Demo

We're pleased to announce that Jeremy Corbyn is speaking at our 

NotOneDayMore #ToriesOut - National Demonstration 
Sat 1 July, Assemble 12pm, BBC Broadcasting House - March to Parliament. 


The Tory/DUP coalition can't last, they represent some of the most reactionary elements of British and Irish politics, are committed to austerity and defending their privilege at the expense of the many. The Tories actually CHEERED when they successfully voted against a pay rise for our hard-working and brave emergency services. We Say, Not One Day More

Jeremy Corbyn will join a fantastic line up of political speakers from the Labour Party, the Green Party and many more campaigns and trade unions, along with an amazing line up of performers and artists. 

Speakers include (more tba):

Representatives from the Labour Party front bench include, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Diane Abbott MP, John McDonnell MP, Siân Berry from the Green Party, from the Trade Unions, Len McCluskey (Unite), Mark Serwotka (PCS), Frances O’Grady (TUC), Dave Prentis (UNISON), Matt Wrack (FBU) and more... Other speakers include Owen Jones (journalist), Dr Aislinn Docherty (Health Campaigner), Jacqueline Berry (Nurse and Health campaigner), along with representatives from many other campaigns including, The People's Assembly, Momentum, Stop the War Coalition, Stand Up to Racism, Fast food Workers campaigns, and more... 

Performers include (more tba):

Shy FX, Wolf Alice, Peace, Captain Ska, Sink the Pink, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and more...

It's still not too late to volunteer!

We need hundreds of people to help us make sure the day runs smoothly. We rely entirely on our supporters to volunteer as stewards. We'll have a stewards briefing in the morning of the demonstration at 10am at the assembly point - no prior experience or training needed. If you're up for joining our team for the day please email 

You can find all the info you need about the march here, and you can take a look at the march route here:

See you there! 

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  • ErJust AMinute
    commented 2017-10-02 14:40:45 +0100
    Just thought I’d respond to Ms Zinone’s comments on “Hate Filled Bigotry”

    Is this what you mean Selna?

    Come on fake “People’s Assembly” – denounce this NOW for what it is and prove you have some semblence of civility.


  • ErJust AMinute
    commented 2017-10-02 13:57:47 +0100
    Hi All
  • Selina Zinone
    commented 2017-07-02 22:13:00 +0100
    I dont see any hate filled bigotry, outside of your comments at least. Im not going to discuss the finer points of politics with you, we both have our points of view and entitled to express them. The difference is, when i choose to share my opinion its usually positive and and seldom directed at one person, i refrain from calling a person vile, or dumb or comparing them to i can only assume to be hitler? There is no one in my life that could be considered hateful, extremist or a bigot, yet we all support what Corbyn stands for.
  • Mark Hoddinott
    commented 2017-07-02 21:16:20 +0100
    Just because i have differing views in this vile excuse for a ‘man’ [Corbyn] doesn’t make me a ‘troll’. There was a man back in 1930’s Germany who told people what they wanted to hear. He too had a God complex. If people are dumb enough to fall for a leader of an opposition party who support’s extremist culture’s whilst at the same time holds his own country and it’s own working class in contempt then they deserve all they get.
    Trying to score political points on the back off a burning tower where people have died is also sickening and disgusting. But depressingly unsurprising from the affluent, hate-filled, bigoted left wing extremists marching to Corbyn’s tune.
  • Selina Zinone
    commented 2017-07-02 16:45:56 +0100
    Keep going guys, you are gathering the support of the people, literally everyone i know is behind you on this. Don’t listen to these obvious trolls in the comments, middle class Marxist? this couldn’t be further from the truth, i live on a council estate in one of the poorest cities in the country. I see first hand the effects that this government has caused. Last year i almost lost my 6 year old daughter to a disease that would have been identified a lot sooner if hospitals were less stressed. Every year i see life of everyone around me made more difficult as funding decreases and taxes and living costs rise. The divide between the rich and poor increases and politicians don’t even bother to hide their corruption anymore. You have more support than you realise guys, you are our voice and were with you all the way.
  • Mark Hoddinott
    commented 2017-07-01 20:23:48 +0100
    A march by rich middle class Marxists. Embarrassing, pathetic. Do something useful with your Saturday afternoons. Like supporting war veterans…marching against Islamic extremism. Oh wait….not ‘PC’ enough for urban ‘Poppy and Alfie’. Nauseating Fascist left wing hatred.
  • Demon Lee
    commented 2017-07-01 19:26:02 +0100
    What part of ‘he lost the election’ does no one understand….????
  • Charlie Tomb Ronson
    commented 2017-07-01 12:06:18 +0100
    will the speakers today be broadcast online?

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