Is There Any Newspaper That Fights For The Working Class?

dfedd50b-4677-4235-b6d0-e314c0fc53c0-620x372.jpegAnother five years of Tory government spells another five years of pain - shrinking incomes, zero-hours contracts, attacks on the disabled, privatisation.That's unless we stop them. The Conservative majority means we can't do that in Parliament. We have to do it on the streets and in our communities.

Only the People's Assembly, bringing together unions, community activists and left campaigners, can become a genuinely national force fighting against the Tory bid to turn the clock back to the 1800s. As the daily paper of the left the Morning Star will be backing this demo to the hilt. We need the biggest turnout possible on Saturday 20 June to show the Establishment it won't get away with its war on working people."
The Morning Star is the only daily paper that actively campaigns for working-class politics. The only paper that reports accurately on strikes and industrial disputes. The only paper that supports the People’s Assembly and reports authoritatively on the anti-austerity movement.

The Star offers a unique, non-sectarian perspective on national and international industrial and political issues, not offered by the mainstream media. We are a reader-owned co-operative, supported by a range of trades unions: Unite, CWU, NUM, POA, UCATT, FBU, Community, GMB and RMT.

No other daily newspaper carries such a range of voices from the left — trade union leaders and activists, left Labour MPs and the Communist Party,  the Stop the War Coalition, the anti-fascist campaigns Hope Not Hate and Unite Against Fascism, the Green Party and more.

The election result on 7 May was a disaster for working people. The Conservatives may only have scraped a quarter of the electorate’s votes, but they are now entrenched in power with a parliamentary majority. The blows have come thick and fast. Arbitrary turnout thresholds are to be introduced on industrial action in “essential” industries. Shameless ministers couldn’t care less that if such thresholds were applied to Parliament they wouldn’t be sitting there in the first place. Those £12 billion in welfare cuts David Cameron was so shy of specifying before May 7 are headed our way. The Conservatives will seek to accelerate the privatisation of the NHS as well as extend privatisation to all remaining areas of the public sector. The heaviest and most brutal attacks are going to come quickly. They want to push as much of their agenda through as possible before disagreements over the EU or anything else start to cause problems for No 10.

In Parliament little can be done to stop them. The real fight will be on the ground. Industrial action, community resistance, strikes, sit-ins, occupations — anything and everything necessary to derail the neoliberal assault, whether that’s by keeping an A&E service in a hospital or a library open, helping a school avoid academisation or scaring a private company away from a public-sector contract. Trade unions, solidarity organisations, campaign groups and broad alliances such as the People’s Assembly will all need to come together to make this resistance as effective as possible.

And the role of the Morning Star will be crucial. We all saw how brazenly a mass media owned by a handful of billionaire tax-exiles tried to manipulate the last election, using all their clout to demonise Ed Miliband, the Labour Party, the Greens and, south of the border, the SNP. Any departure from the neoliberal savagery that caused the bankers’ crash in 2008 has, thanks to the Tories, prompted howls of outrage from Britain’s “free” press.

The Morning Star is different because it is owned by its readers. We are the paper of the labour movement, in a very real sense, telling the stories of working-class struggle the other papers ignore. But the Morning Star is not simply a newspaper. It is a tool for an education and mobilisation in the workplace and the community that no activist or politically committed person on the left should be without. We hope you will become a daily reader.
We're supporting the People's Assembly on the End Austerity Now demo on 20 June. What will you be marching for?
The People's Assembly has teamed up with the Morning Star to offer all our supporters access to the paper's electronic edition. For a no-obligation 7-day free trial please go to and enter the code: NOTOAUSTERITY. You will not be asked for your credit card or any personal details. Offer ends 31st July.
Ben Chacko is editor of the Morning Star.

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