Hundreds attend North East People's Assembly

Hundreds of anti-austerity activists descended on Newcastle on Saturday for a day of workshops, rallies and entertainment staged by the North East People’s Assembly.

The 300-strong gathering involved key figures and organisations representing the strength and depth of the anti-austerity movement of north-east England and Britain.

Northern TUC secretary Beth Farhat praised the People’s Assembly for “building a grassroots movement taking action to protect our lives, our living standards, our rights and our future.”

And James Meadway of the New Economics Foundation, attacked Chancellor George Osborne’s “economic fantasies.”

He said: “There’s plenty of money out there — just in the hands of the wrong people.”

Green Party deputy leader Amelia Womack added: “We need a socially and environmentally just economy that protects workers’ rights.”

Workshops included Alternatives to Austerity with author Andrew Fisher, People’s March for the NHS organiser Joanna Adams and Dr David Wrigley of Keep Our NHS Public.

GMB organiser Rehana Azam called for a future with “an alternative to austerity and privatisation of public services.”

Fire Brigades Union organiser Andy Noble said: “Austerity is costing lives — fewer firefighters, fewer fire engines, fewer fire stations means slower response times.”

Source: The Morning Star

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