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We, in Cambridge, are facing the closure of Lifeworks which is the complex cases service supporting people with personality disorders in Cambridge, mainly people with Borderline Personality Disorder(bpd). This tricky to treat mental illness is lifelong, and most people who joined the service were guaranteed life long treatment. Worst cases involve serious self harm, neglect, social isolation and feelings of emptiness. This closure will leave hundreds without care, especially the vital social inclusion BDP sufferers lack.


Timelines are frighteningly short – the Lifeworks social groups is scheduled to close on 25th March; the open crisis clinic (phone/face-to-face) on 28th March. Both are lifelines for CCS Lifeworks registered service users. Yet some service users haven’t even been notified yet.

The stress is unbearable for many of the service users coming as it does on top of financial and psychological strain of punitive welfare reform cuts. Serious fear among service users is that they’ll be without support for six months’ minimum if the closure goes ahead and they’re discharged from this current pathway back to ordinary GPs who will then need to refer them for assessment. The service users are very clear how vital a lifeline the social groups (with professional staff to keep momentum going) and daily crisis clinics are.

Actions.... Actions.... Actions.... Actions... Actions... Actions... Actions... Actions... Actions...

Sign the petition and share it widely, 100,000 signatures are requires to go in Parliament. It will take you 45sec, but it is very important to do it:

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