Debating and Opposing HE Green Paper: Convention 2

Convention 2: Opposing the Higher Education Green Paper. Feb 27 2016 10am - 5pm University College London.

The consultation on the Conservative Government’s Green Paper on Higher Education, Fulfilling our Potential, closed on Friday 15 January. Any reader of the Green Paper would be perplexed at the risks of the proposals for the sector, and the weakness of arguments in their favour. It is easy to be simultaneously worried by the threat and astounded by the lack of rigour in the document.

The Second Convention for HE is an opportunity to begin to develop a response to the paper, and to develop links and informal organisation to promote debate, to resist the Green Paper’s narrow vision, and to develop alternatives.

If you care about the future of Higher Education, join us at UCL on 27 February.

Supported by the Campaign for the Public University (CPU), the University and Colleges Union (UCU), the British Sociological Association, London Region UCU, and the following UCU branches: Dundee, Imperial, Liverpool, Newcastle and UCL.

Speakers include: Lee Jones (CPU) on the TEF, Liz Morrish on Performance Management, Liz Lawrence (UCU President) on Private Providers and Terry Brotherstone (UCU) on Governance.

Other speakers include (in alphabetical order): Anne Alexander (Cambridge), Joanna De Groot (UCU), Prof Roger Brown (CDBU), Natalie Fenton and Prof Des Freedman (Goldsmiths UCU), Prof Martin McQuillan (CDBU), John Holmwood (CPU), and Carol Monaghan MP.

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