Britain is Broken - National Speaking Tour

Nationwide Speaking Tour
January - May 2019

Following a successful London launch at the end of 2018 local People's Assembly groups have been planning and organising "Britain is Broken: We Can't Afford the Tories" events as part of a Nationwide speaking tour. 


So far we have events happening in the following locations:

16 Feb Northampton
See Facebook event here

2 March Pembrokeshire
See Facebook event here

2 March Cambridge
See Facebook event here

12 March Newcastle
See Facebook event here

14 March Brent
See Facebook event here

23 March Doncaster 
See Facebook Event here

3 April Nottingham
See Facebook event here

4 April Frome
See Facebook Event here

28 April Colchester
Details coming soon

The tour will highlight the core domestic politics themes of health, homes, jobs and education that have been too often obscured by mainstream media programming skewed in favour of the big Brexit debate. In this is an implicit acceptance that, ultimately, in or out of the EU, people are resigned to falling living standards as the system trundles on in an eventual race to the bottom. 
It doesn't have to be this way.

The Britain is Broken tour is so important and we urge you to get involved.

Right now we need a reinvigorated anti austerity movement at every level in society. Local People Assembly groups have been at the forefront of challenging the cuts that are happening in our schools, NHS, local authorities and highlighting issues such as   housing and homelessness, universal credit, precarious jobs and much more.

Strong social movements and political action led by local people can and do make change. They give a voice to the voiceless and embolden politicians. 

The "Britain is Broken: We Can't Afford the Tories" tour will inject a fresh sense of purpose into the movement and provide much needed focus on critical issues. 

Tour dates and locations so far:Bring the tour to where you are!
Contact or 020 8525 6988.




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