A Future to Win


Saturday 30 October, 11:00 - 18:00
The English Lounge 64-66 High St, Manchester M4 1EA

A Future To Win 

Young people have been some of the worst affected by austerity, and thirty years of neo-liberalism that has left us the first generation since the Second World War to be poorer than our parents.

We’ve seen young people rally around the alternative offered by Corbyn. This is a huge opportunity but if we truly want a different society, one that works for all of us, we need to do more.

We’re here to start that discussion between young people, to look at the next steps, and how we win the future we need.

  • 11-4 The English Lounge
  • 11.00(15) Opening Plenary, Introduction to the event
  • 11.15 (60) The Labour Party and the People’s Assembly – How we win the alternative to austerity
  • 12.15 (60) The New Far Right, and Antifascism – Looking at how the ‘alt-right’ rose, and we organise against them
  • 13.15 (30) Lunch
  • 13.45 (60) Trade Unionism and Community Organising – rebuilding community and workplace power
  • 14.45 (60) The destruction of the Welfare State – protecting the NHS, stopping sanctions and the penal welfare of the DWP, and rising homelessness
  • 15.45 (15) Ending Plenary
  • 16.00 Drinks and socialising


Part of the Take Back Manchester Festival 2017 30 Sep - 4 October

Take Back Manchester 2017

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