Big Winter Foodbank Collection - Report


Foodbanks around the country are sending in their thanks to our local People's Assembly groups for incredible generosity and hard work on our Big Winter Foodbank Collection. 

Groups up and down the country gathered often on a cold and wet evening to do what the People's Assemblies do best: Make a positive impact on our communities and make it clear we want an end to austerity and the #ToriesOut now.

Events took place in London outside Downing Street, in Manchester, Southampton, Bangor, Hull, Eastbourne, Swindon, Calderdale, Merseyside, Milton Keynes, Fenland, Nottingham, Derby, Newcastle, Sheffield, Birmingham, Bristol and for the first time with our newest People's Assembly in Hastings. 

The events were covered by both local and national press and many new people got involved and heard about us for the first time. Channel Four News ran this story on the London Protest which you can check out here: 

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The action made a clear political point - that austerity is killing us, and that even on its own terms it is failing, with latest reports suggesting that the UK is facing the biggest fall in living standards for 60 years.

It's time for the Tory Government to go. 


In London we were able to fill a 18 ton lorry with food donations and many of you filled several car loads at each event


Some of you have sent in or posted the letters of thanks from food banks you received, here's a couple to give you a taste, 

From Sheffield People's Assembly: 

Dear Sheffield PA, 

On behalf of the S20 Food Bank we want to express our sincere thanks to you and all of the members of Sheffield People's Assembly for the incredibly generous donations to the Food Bank as part of your recent Pre-Budget event. We are so grateful for everything that was donated and will do our best to put it to good use!

From Swindon People's Assembly: 

Dear Swindon PA and the Big Winter Food Collection Crew

A huge THANK YOU from Swindon Foodbank for the 535 kilos of donated food that we received today from Swindon Peoples Assembly Big Winter Foodbank Collection.

Swindon people are absolutely amazing!

Kind regards
Cher Smith MBE


Swindon People's Assembly, like many of you, made the local papers - you can read the fantastic write up of their event here in the Swindon Advertiser.

We especially like this bit,

"Gavin Perry from the Swindon People's Assembly said: "It was a staggering success, we have deep gratitude for the generosity of Swindonians who made this event the lifeline and success that it has become."


In Hastings the first ever People's Assembly event was held which was also a huge success and was joined by a local socialist choir. You can check out one of the videos from that here: 

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Our fantastic activists in Hastings said this,

"The newest PA to be formed, Hastings PA, sprang into life with a successful eve of budget protest in the town centre. Over 50 people took part, collecting loads of food for a local food bank. The action also garnered much interest from local people extremely angry at the Tory austerity policies. Locals affected by the impact of Tory irresponsibility around universal credit and homelessness also added their voices to the campaign to rid the town of Home Secretary and local MP, Amber Rudd."

Good to see they've already got their sights on a prominent Tory!

There's too many stories and pictures to put them all here, but some great snaps are below for you to check out.

Well done to each and everyone of you.




Calderdale People's Assembly


Milton Keynes People's Assembly

Fenland People's Assembly


Bristol People's Assembly

Swindon People's Assembly

Manchester People's Assembly



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