Fife People's Assembly Report

We are actively campaigning with the Fife Anti Bedroom Tax group and the Fife/Scottish Dept Busters group.

With pickets at Bedroom Tax hearings, handling appeals, helping with DHP paperwork, etc. Channel 4 are coming to Fife to film some of our clients for a programme they are working on.

Picketing Pay Day loan sharks on the local High streets with the Dept Busters group.


Currently holding monthly public meetings, with attendances and recruits increasing, month on month.

We have had our people attending Fife Council budget meetings, to ask questions and to offer alternatives to the cuts proposed.


Planning to hold education meetings in early 2014, to provide alternative policies to austerity, using both The Peoples Charter and the STUC, There is a Better Way, as the focus for these public meetings.

Continue with supporting local TU actions.

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