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Press release in response to the Independent Councillors

We would wish commend and support Cllrs Willie Clarke and Bryan Poole for their determination to consult with the people of Fife and to look for an alternative to the cuts proposed in the councils new budget proposals.

As the Councillors have stated, the continued regressive and recycled Tory policy of a Council Tax freeze has strangled the life out of local governments. With the Scottish Government proudly boasting of either a £145 or a £444 million underspend, depending on who you believe. We feel that this should also be looked at to mitigate the need for further local Government cuts.

We do need to get beyond the “my cuts are less damaging than yours” rhetoric.

The North Sea oil giants, who after decades of reaping billions in profits, now because of low oil prices and reduced profits, cut jobs. What is the response from the politicians in Scotland, offer them tax cuts and subsidies.

The proposed cuts to local governments over the next 3 years, union Unison have calculated, will cut 35,000 jobs from local Governments. Where are the tax breaks and the subsidies to protect these jobs?

To this end, The People’s Assembly Fife in conjunction with Fife Trades Union Council, UNITE Area Activist Committee and other local Union branches are holding a demonstration on February 12th outside Fife House on the day of the vote for the new budget. We are assembling for 9:00am and urge anyone who is able to, come and join us.

Just as in Greece, it is time to tell all our elected representatives, locally and nationally, both at a Scottish and UK Government level, that there is nothing left to cut. Austerity has failed and the cupboard is bare.  

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