Council Demo

Fife People's Assembly and Union branches protest outside Fife Council today when they vote on the latest cuts.

Some pics from todays protest at Fife Council.

A huge thank you to everyone that was able to take part.

Although there are concessions on Education and "Modernising Employment Practices" (wage cuts). There are are still cuts to services to come. The pressure needs to be maintained on all parties at all levels of Government, from local government, through Holyrood and Westminster to the EU.

Very disapointed in some of the councilors, from across all parties, who were more interested in scoring petty political points instead of discussing how to end the whole cuts agenda. When they should be fixing and improving our services, they decend into the nasty party lines and point scoring.

Yaboo politics is not just in Westminster or Holyrood, it is alive and well in the Councils Chamber as well.

Well done Willie Clarke and Neil Crooks, both of whom advocated uniting and actively campaigning to force the Government to provide a way of fully funding local Government, not continual cuts.


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