Fast Food Rights

Various Sheffield trade unions, and community groups will come together on the 29th of November to demonstrate our support for workers in the fast food industry and demand a minimum wage of £10 an hour. The call for a £10 an hour minimum wage is growing both the TUC and the Green Party and various Labour politicians like John McDonald. have offered their support for the call for a £10 an hour minimum wage. With so much money in the economy and with fast food outlets making millions of pounds in profit whilst workers, those who sweat to create the profits have barely enough income to survive. We would like to invite you to a demonstration calling on fast food workers to Organise, join the union, and fight for what they deserve.
We will also be hosting a public meeting straight after the demonstration to discus how to organise the campaign amongst the broadest possibly number of people. Deciding on future actions.

These events are open to all workers in all industries.

Join the demonstration bring your banners and placards all organisations and individuals welcome.

Saturday the 29th of November.

meet outside Cathedral to move on to fast food outlets to invite workers to join us at the meeting straight after.

Venue Victoria hall
Meeting to discus organising future action with speakers
Ian Hodson President of BFAWU
Maxine Bowler Unite the Resistance.
Louise Haigh Prospective Labour MP
Ian Patterson NSSN to talk about successful campaign in America for $15 an hour.



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