Saturday, September 03, 2016 at 12:00 PM
Hamilton House, Mabledon Place in London, United Kingdom

The National Assembly 2016


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These are dynamic and fast changing times. We face insecure employment, low pay, and a determined drive to underfund and privatise our public services. Thersa May's new cabinet is commited to austerity, whatever her recent rhetoric of a Britain for all. Under May's leadership, we can expect an escalation of anti-immigrant policies and outright racism. And yet there are now stong voices in Labour, in the Green Party, in the SNP and elsewhere that are mainstreaming the anti-austerity narrative in a big way. Probably not since the formation of the People's Assembly, we have the most amazing opportunity to grow our movement. Join us to discuss why we need a mass movement against austerity to stand up against cuts and against racism, on how we continue to build it, and the different struggles ahead. 

Join us on Saturday 2 October at the NUT Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, LONDON WC1H 98D for the annual National Assembly. 

Each Local People's Assembly group is entitled to send 1 delegate. 

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See you there. 

Sunday, October 02, 2016 at 11:30 AM
Victoria Square, Birmingham in Birmingham, United Kingdom

Protest the Tory Conference


Tories Must Go - Austerity Has Failed
11:30am, Victoria Square, Birmingham 

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Transport is being arranged from across the country. Check the website the TRANSPORT PAGE for details.

We face insecure employment, low pay, and a drive to privatise our public services. There’s a growing housing crisis, our NHS is going through the biggest funding squeeze since it’s foundation, and our Education system is over-stretched. Local services have been shut down as huge budget cuts are forced on councils.

Big business, corporations and the richest are squireling away money in offshore tax havens, awarding themselves bonuses, while immigrants are blamed for problems they had no hand in creating. And everyone else is told to tighten their belts.

At Teresa May's first Tory Party Conference as Prime Minister we will be holding a mass demonstration to say we demand an alternative to ‘Austerity Britain’

We will demand investment in public services, in infrastructure, and in decent jobs for all. An end to scapegoating of migrants which divides our comunities and whips up racism. 

As well as this national demosntration, we will be organising 'The People's Conference - our alternative to austerity'. Saturday 1 October (more details & registration soon).

See you on the streets. 

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