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The Dorset People's Assembly is hosting an afternoon of talks/discussions/conversation and a bit of entertainment to bring all the local campaign groups, unions, political organisations and community groups together to find ways of how we can support each other throughout the year to resist the cuts in public services, shift into a greener economy, & support the anti-war movement. 

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Event in Bournemouth Square, 19th March

Send a message to George Osborne. Bring cakes, bring music, bring entertainment but most of all bring yourself with a smile. Please invite and share, lets get as many budget messages as we can. This is not about politics its about people. AUSTERITY AFFECTS US ALL! 

3PM-6PM, in Bournemouth Square.

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About the Dorset People's Assembly

Fighting the privatisation of the Welfare State through so-called "austerity". Part of the wider People's Assembly movement, this is the Dorset chapter of the national movement.

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