Devon End Austerity Now

Devon People’s Assembly Against Austerity was formed in the wake of the recent election with the understanding that the next five years will be difficult for many of us. People’s Assembly groups have been forming across the country to unite people against the government’s plans for austerity.

At 1pm on Saturday the 13th of June hundreds of people will gather in Northernhay Gardens in Exeter where Devon People’s Assembly will host a rally and free festival against: the proposed government cuts, further forays into inequality, the government’s targeting of marginalised groups, the scrapping of the Human Rights Act, TTIP, and other major issues (too many to list here). All groups and individuals are welcome to attend and many will be bringing along their messages for the government.

This rally aims to give Devon a voice on austerity, to enable it to be heard and to raise awareness of a bigger rally London on the 20th of June.

We ask the people of Devon to unite to face these challenges together and stand in opposition to austerity. Speakers will be on from 1.30pm so bring banners, your families, and a picnic if the weather is good. The speakers include: an official People’s Assembly representative, community activist Diana Moore, Quaker and activist Ghee Bowman, recent student at Exeter University Joe Levy, Catherine Craig of PCS, a speaker from Unison (name TBC), a local differently-abled speaker, and a local firefighter (name TBC)..

Let’s give Devon a strong voice on the matter of austerity and send the message to David Cameron and co. that we do not support austerity while our neighbours rely on foodbanks, suffer fuel poverty, etc.

Your presence is important. We would therefore be grateful if you would communicate the details of this event through your networks, on websites and through social media.

- Devon People’s Assembly Against Austerity

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