Derby: Report of activity

Some things we’ve been doing following our successful launch Conference on 26th Oct 2013


* Campaigning for good properly staffed publicly owned rail transport – together with RMT and “Action For Rail” – leafleting the railways station etc

* Supporting with PA banner and members the successful FBU campaign of publicity, demonstration and lobbying against the threat of closures and cuts, and strike action against pension proposals.

* Working with UNITE Community branch on sponsored publications

* Working with Derby Area Trades Council on joint leaflets and the Derby Silk Mill May Day event - with speaker Cad Jones, PA Signatory and Director Institute of Employment Rights

* Derby PA speaker at the Teachers NUT Strike Rally

* Seminar on the growing wealth poverty gap with excellent videos from “Inequality Briefing” and speakers on wage cuts, increased profits, and attacks on benefits and claimants

* Meeting with Food Bank organisers

* Working with Derby SOSNHS against privatisation of wards in the Derby Royal Hospital

* Regular “Soapbox”columns in Derby Telegraph, and more limited use of Radio Derby. Time spent on building positive relationship with journalists.

* Budget Day protest, inviting majority group Labour Councillors to take part in joint Trades Union Council / People’s Assembly well supported protest against ConDem central Govt public spending cuts

* A tour of the town with leaflets and powerful mobile PA system calling in at the big tax evading companies – Starbucks, HMV, Boots, Top Shop, Barclays amongst them

* Maintaining the Derby PA wordpress website, and working on a social media strategy, including a YouTube presence

* Working with local community organisation on cultural and entertainment events – “We Will Be Free” play about the Tolpuddle Martyrs, and a music gig “Jonny and the Baptists”

* Picketing payday loansharks and offering credit union information

* To come…

o Following up our proposal to national PA regarding direct action using Direct Debit reclaims, targeting Energy Companies etc

o Mobilising for June 21st

o Steve Turner, PA Chair to speak at Trades Union Council/People’s Assembly “Hands Off Our Unions” Rally June 25th

o July training day on “Campaigning, Direct Action and Building The Movement”

o Autumn – Prem Sikka, author of “The Pin Stripe Mafia”, speaking on the Tax Avoidance and Evasion Industry. To be held at Derby University Freshers if possible.

o Shopping Centre and house to house leafleting asking people to identify the issues facing them, display a PA poster and get involved.

o Preparation/mobilisation for October TUC demonstration

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