Demonstrate at the Tory Party Conference 28 Sep 2014

Birmingham will see the numbers of billionaires and millionaires in the city rocket at the end of September as the Tory Party conference hits town. While our services are being slashed and privatised by a council under pressure from the ConDem government, the Government ministers responsible will be in Birmingham to announce yet more misery, yet more racism and scapegoating and yet more policies for the rich. 

We cannot let this go without building opposition to a government has seen fortunes ballon  for wealthy friends at our expense. 

We are supporting the Midlands TUC Hard Up festival and demonstration on Sunday 28 September and urge you to join us. 

Whether you are fed up with the raid on your pay and pension, whether you are fed up with the bedroom tax, whether you are fed up with being priced out of college and unitveristy, whether you are fed up with job insecurity or whatever your gripe with Cameron adn co., come and join us in saying to the Conservatives that they are not welcome in Birmingham or in Downing St. 

Festival includes: 

City demonstration - bring your banners!
Live music
Children's activities
Puppet Shows
Paupers Picnic
Politician Dunk Tank 
Fairground activities and much more.....


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