Manchester: Democracy won't be derailed

It's been a difficult few days. We'd like to express our deepest sympathy to all those in Manchester and beyond who have been affected by the horrific attack.

Penny Hicks, Convenor of Manchester People's Assembly said:
"As news of the explosion at Manchester Arena emerged, words were hard to come by. Actions, however, speak volumes. From the on the spot help from ordinary citizens, the tireless work of the public service workers and volunteers, the collection of £1.1m in 36 hours, to the huge vigil in the city last night."

"We are grieving, we are angry, and we are asking what are we to do, what has to change?"

"While we mourn the dead and worry for the injured and traumatised, the fear has to be overcome. We are saying as one, we will carry on with business as usual, go to work, sit exams, care for our families. This is not easy, it is very painful and often carried out through tears."

"State, sporting and commercial events continue too. This must also include resuming our democratic rights to continue the election campaign. While it was right the campaign was suspended to deal with the immediate fallout, allowing time for the people of Manchester to come together in unity, we cannot let our democratic rights be derailed by a terrorist act. Any more delays in resuming the campaign will affect the election result. We do not accept it should be put on hold by a Prime Minister who has seen her campaign crumbling."

"I want to know how we could restore childrens' services that can support those impacted on Monday, guarantee a roof for the heroic homeless guy who tended the dying, how we can ensure mental health services are funded for those now in desporate need, and how we properly fund our emergency services and their staff who stepped up so courageously when we needed them most."

"Now lets truly return to business as usual and let us have our voices heard."

* The election campaign will officially resume today (Thursday) for local campaigning and on Friday for national campaigning

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  • jill Phillips
    commented 2017-06-05 23:21:13 +0100
    A practical, heartfelt public response that can be believed. Thank you.
  • Con Carroll
    commented 2017-05-26 15:21:34 +0100
    first of all solidarity to children in recovery in hospital, deepest condolences to families whose children were murdered, if you are in the Manchester area call into Royal Manchester Children Hospital. give the medical nursing staff NHS. give them a big hug and smile, I’m sure at times they feel un appreciated don’t allow the political right to divide. I’m living in Dublin Ireland. PEACE PEACE UNITY SOLIDARITY JUSTICE to our Muslim brothers and Sister peaceful Ramadam 2017

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