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owen-jones.jpgJoin the demonstration on 21 June because...

National demonstration and free festival

Saturday 21 June
Assemble 1pm, BBC HQ, Portland Place (Tube: Oxford Circus)
March to Parliament

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  • helen brown
    commented 2014-04-15 18:21:33 +0100
    I feel angry that Labour MP’s and hangers on, will be present when we all know they are part of the problem. They will hijack this event, if successful, to make it look like they are the good guys!

    “Politicians are just shadows on the wall!”
    “Stop voting for them, you’re only encouraging them!”
    Russell Brand

    ..and that’s why I’m going to demonstrate. Brand has more ethics and morals than the whole of the House of Conmen, put together!

    Do us a favour, Labour, stay away from this event. You had your chance; now it’s the people’s turn!
  • David Atkins
    commented 2014-04-14 21:00:39 +0100
    I have been in Madrid recently where there was a massive demonstration of ‘indignados’ from all over Spain. There too there are local anti capitalist ‘assembleas’. There is a need for international cooperation here…..anticapitalists must join together across national boundaries, despite all the problems of language, travel etc. How about an international coordinating body?

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