Francesca Martinez, comedian and activist

Join the demonstration on 21 June because...

FrancescaMartinez.jpg"'s hugely important that the demonstration on 21st June is as big as possible so that opposition to this neo-liberal austerity agenda is loud, clear and unable to be ignored.

Without mass public pressure and protest, the government will continue to attack the welfare state, privatise the NHS, and carry out devastating cuts to vital services, while protecting the minority corporate interests who plunged us into this financial crisis, and ignoring catastrophic climate change.

We have power in numbers and need to come together to fight for the hard-won policies that are at the heart of a humane and fair society.

Join the People's Assembly in demanding better - a government who put people before profit and who protect this beautiful environment that we all depend on. Everyone has a duty to get involved and make our voices heard!

Spread the word, keep believing in change and don't give up."

National demonstration and free festival

Saturday 21 June
Assemble 1pm, BBC HQ, Portland Place (Tube: Oxford Circus)
March to Parliament

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