Nurse Anthony Johnson on why supporting the Jnr Docs is about defending the whole NHS

Student Nurse and Bursary or Bust campaigner Anthony Johnson writes why supporting the Junior Doctors is about supporting all NHS staff and Students and defending the existence of the NHS as a whole.


Tonight’s Meeting hosted by the People’s Assembly, ‘Not Without a Fight, Save Our NHS’ at Conway Hall at 6:30 in central London, matters because our entire NHS is under threat.

The Junior Doctors are under attack and they are OUR Doctors. They may very well be your Doctor right now. And the situation is getting worse in other areas of the service too. Our healthcare students can't afford to train, and we’re all worse off without them. 

As Dr Lauren Gavaghan's said on James O'Brien's LBC radio show,

"This is not about just Junior Doctors. In my opinion, this is about a much wider political picture. We have to take into account the socio-political climate here.  Let's face the facts. When the NHS is being sold off, private companies do not want our complex, long-term physical or mental health patients. That's what this is all about. I think to not take the bigger picture into account would be a mistake in my opinion."

She’s completely right – the NHS is already being privatized by stealth and this will be a disaster for all NHS staff and students.

But this isn't only about us. This isn't just about protecting healthcare workers. This fight is about you, the patients.

For the past 68 years you and your families have paid for this. As the 4th largest employer in the world, someone you know or someone in your family has very likely worked for the NHS. And you will all have received treatment from it. This isn't about altruism. This is about you, me – everyone.

Aneurin Bevan (the founder of the NHS) said the NHS would last as long as folk have the will to fight for it. And that's what we're asking from you today. Remember that the NHS is yours, and now is the time to fight to protect it.

I’ll be at the rally tonight to start building the opposition.

See you there.

Details of the event can be found HERE.

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