Invitation to David Cameron's Mum and Auntie: Join us to protest against Austerity!

Invite.jpgAnti-austerity campaign, the People's Assembly, has formally invited David Cameron's mother and his Aunt to join a major national demonstration against austerity taking place this April. 


The invitation comes after the Prime Minister's Aunt, Clare Currie, joined a demonstration against cuts from Oxfordshire County Council's cuts to children’s services. David Cameron's mother, Mary Cameron, also signed a petition against the cuts. Oxfordshire County Council's decision which will lead to the closure of 44 children's services follows a 40% cut in funding to local councils from the government. 

The march for 'Health, Homes, Jobs & Education' in central London on Saturday 16 April looks set to attract hundreds of thousands of people and is supported by Trade Unions, campaigns, MPs and celebs including Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, the TUC, Unite the Union & more. 

Sam Fairbairn, National Secretary of the People's Assembly, said:
"Mary and Clare are quite right to be angry. Austerity has failed and only serves to damage the economy. The People's Assembly would welcome them, or any other member of the Prime Minister's extended family who think this government has gone too far, to join our demonstration. Perhaps this day out will give them an opportunity to report back to David and give him a much needed insight to the disastrous effect austerity is having on the majority in Britain. 

The massive cuts that local councils have faced have hit the most vulnerable and poorest in society hardest. We'll be marching for an end to attacks on our NHS and staff, an end to the housing crisis that is spiralling out of control, attacks on democracy in the workplace, the imposition of huge debt on students through fees and cuts to education.
Mary and Clare please join us at:
1pm Saturday 16th April 2016
Assemble: Gower Street / Euston Road, London NW1
The demonstration will have 4 key demands to the government:

  • Fully funded and publicly owned NHS - end privatisation
  • Invest in health workers - end the staffing crisis
  • No cuts or closures


  • Hands of social housing
  • Secure homes for all
  • Control rents


  • Scrap the Trade Union Reform Bill
  • Stop insecure contracts
  • End the pay freeze, living wage for all
  • Scrap Tuition Fees
  • Invest in our futures - stop cuts to education
  • End the marketisation of education

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