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1) Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament

1) Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament

This conference deplores the government's intention to spend over £100 billion on a replacement for the Trident nuclear weapons system. At a time when the government is implementing devastating public spending cuts, negatively affecting jobs, health, education and many other essentials to life, such wasteful and unnecessary spending on weapons of mass destruction adds insult to injury, for the people of this country who are being expected to foot the bill through their taxes.

This conference notes:

  • that a decision is likely to be taken in parliament this year on whether or not to replace the Trident nuclear weapons system;
  • the anti-Trident position of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and the enormous mandate that he received for this policy through the massive majority he received in the leadership vote;
  • the popular majority against Trident replacement in the country as a whole;
  • the view of significant military figures that Trident is militarily useless and should be scrapped.

This conference welcomes:

  • Jeremy Corbyn's commitment to defence diversification and a Defence Diversification Agency to achieve a just transition for skilled workers in the nuclear weapons sector to other high skilled industrial work;
  • the Labour Party defence review which will review party policy on Trident.
  • This conference reaffirms PAAA policy against Trident replacement and agrees:
  • to mobilise for the Stop Trident demo on Saturday 27th February, called by CND and widely supported across civil society, and to call local mobilising meetings to that end across the country.

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