Motions on: No to TTIP

Motions in this section from:

1) War on Want
2) Barnet TUC

1) War on Want

Stop TTIP, Stop CETA!

Conference notes:
1. The People's Assembly adopted policy, at its 2014 conference, to resist the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) being negotiated in secret between the EU and US government, as a frontal assault against democracy, society and the environment.
2. Local assemblies have organised many events over the past year to raise awareness of the dangers of TTIP, together with local trades councils and other activists under the banner of the NoTTIP coalition.
3. The unprecedented international campaign against TTIP has forced the EU and US government to abandon their original schedule of concluding the TTIP negotiations by the end of 2015.
4. The new deadline for concluding the TTIP negotiations is the end of Barack Obama's presidency in 2016, making the coming year of crucial importance in the fight against TTIP.
 5. The coming year will also see the start of the ratification process for the parallel EU-Canada trade deal, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), which threatens to introduce many of the most harmful elements of TTIP by the back door.

Conference believes:
1. TTIP is a direct threat to working people, with official estimates calculating that at least one million people will lose their jobs as a direct result of the deal.
2. TTIP is a direct threat to the environment, with its planned increase in fossil fuel exports leading to irreversible climate change.
3. TTIP and CETA are a direct threat to democracy, giving US and Canadian corporations a unique power to sue the UK and other European countries for any loss of profits caused by the introduction of new social or environmental legislation.

Conference resolves:
1. To intensify mobilisation over the coming year at local, regional and national levels against TTIP, CETA and all other such free trade deals which favour the interests of transnational capital over the needs of people and planet.
2. To take part in days of action against TTIP and CETA, and to join the call for a radically new approach to international trade that supports the needs of working people and the environment, including in the fight against climate change.3. To join with trade unions, campaigns groups and local activists working together under the NoTTIP campaign banner to put pressure on MEPs not to ratify CETA when it comes before the European Parliament.

2) Barnet TUC

Motion to promote TTIP-free zones across London

TTIP is a massive assualt on democracy at all levels, including locally, where there are a number of particular deficiencies.

Although local authorities will be bound by the commitments made secretly on our behalf, there has been no impact assessment on the effects on local authorities. Neither have any local authorities, or bodies representing them, been consulted, nor have they been allowed to scrutinise any negotiating documents. Especially alarming from this point of view is the part of TTIP called the Investor State Dispute Settlement. This would allow corporation to sue a Government because of any decision by that government, or a local authority if they think that that action would curtail the profits they estimate to make. This would make any taking back in-house of outsourced services all but impossible. With central government financially responsible for any ISDS cases in relation to actions of local authorities, local democracy is likely to be severely curtailed.

We, the delegates to the London Peoples’ Assembly request this meeting to pass a motion urging all member bodies to actively campaign to make all London Boroughs TTIP & CETA-free zones. Local groups should raise petitions and bring motions to local and regional legislative bodies to get them to defy this secretive and menacing deal.
This is a real opportunity to redress the fact that TTIP has been largely ignored in the British media, and to raise awareness of TTIP and CETA (CETA, or Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement, is the Canadian equivalent of TTIP) among the public.
Motions such as this have already been passed. We could be joining up with:
19 other UK local authorities including Conservative run North Somerset
64 local authorities in Spain
480 localities in France
300 localities in Germany, including our own Barnet’s twin town, Siegen Wittgenstein.
And in America, Miami when the last round of TTIP talks were held there.

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