Motions on: Refugees Welcome Here

Motions in this section from:

1) Swindon People's Assembly
2) Sheffield People's Assembly

1) Swindon People's Assembly

Conference notes:
that more and more refugees are risking and losing their lives attempting to get to safety.  They are living in terrible conditions and need co-ordinated assistance.

Conference believes:
that many people are unhappy about this situation and consider our government's approach to be ineffective and inhumane. We believe that people are being misinformed of the true facts of this crisis.

Conference resolves:
To hold a national day of action to show solidarity with the refugees and Muslims in our communities who are feeling threatened. To share the true facts about the situation.

2) Sheffield People's Assembly

In defence of migrants and refugees, and against racism

Assembly notes:
1. The refusal of the British government to accept more than 20,000 refugees over four years, despite the appalling suffering that refugees face.

2. The call for anti-racist demonstrations on 19 March in London, Cardiff and Glasgow, initiated by Stand Up to Racism.

Assembly believes
 1. That the bosses, bankers and the politicians that support them are to blame for the problems in society—not refugees and migrants.
2. That immigration has immensely enriched British society and that refugees and migrants should be welcomed, not shunned or demonised.
3. That it is a refreshing change to see Corbyn and McDonnell defending refugees and we urge them to continue with this attitude and to adopt the People’s Assembly policies as set out here.

 Assembly resolves:
1. To oppose all attempts to blame refugees and migrants for the crisis in the NHS, low pay, bad housing, the lack of good jobs or any of the other problems we face.
2. To welcome refugees and immigrants here, and to call on the government to open the borders to refugees and migrants from Calais and elsewhere.
3. To fully support the 19 March demonstrations and to email all PA supporters calling for their attendance.
4. To oppose the Prevent programme and the Counter-Extremism Bill that increase Islamophobia and threaten us all.
5. To send this motion to Jeremy Corbyn to make clear the People's Assembly's position.

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