Motions on: Hands off our NHS

Motions in this section from:

1) Cambridge People's Assembly
2) Drewesbury Keep Our NHS Public

1) Cambridge People's Assembly

The People’s Assembly believes:
An attack on the NHS is an attack on the working class and is inherently linked with the Tory government austerity agenda.
Money spent on Trident and on bombing Syria and elsewhere could be spent on the NHS.

There is a serious funding crisis in the NHS which demands an immediate emergency financial injection to cope with a looming winter crisis that could see services close as they reach ‘Major Incident’ level and lives placed at risk as a result.

The NHS funding crisis is ideologically driven. The NHS is not safe in Tory hands. They plan to break-up the NHS and hand it over to the private sector.

The People’s Assembly notes:
Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, as part of Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, is one of the world’s leading hospitals as a centre of clinical excellence, research and innvovation.

The trust has been placed in ‘Special Measures’ following a damning CQC report highlighting staff shortages and a financial deficit of £64 million.

The financial situation has been so severe that there was a ban on departments ordering paper used to send letters to patients, make referrals and for other clinical needs. In order to make savings, ice was banned from patients water jugs.

Despite the poor overall CQC rating of ‘Inadequate’, the staff were rated as ‘Outstanding’.

This situation is echoed across the country with 15 Trusts in ‘Special Measures’ and an estimated 80% of NHS Trusts set to post a deficit for the financial year

Monitor are predicting that English NHS Trusts will end the year with a £2.2 billion deficit with 156 of 239 recording a deficit. This is unprecedented.

The incredible result of the Junior Doctors ballot for industrial action with 98% voting in favour on a 75% turnout.

The People’s Assembly resolves:

  • To work with the Junior Doctors and mobilise support for any industrial action and their campaign over imposed contractual changes 
  • To support serious initiatives to unite healthworkers and NHS campaigners
  • To support the TUC and health unions campaign for a fully funded NHS.
  • To call a demonstration in December 2015 highlighting the 'winter crisis' and calling for a fully funded NHS, immediate emergency funding, uniting with Junior Dr’s, healthworkers and NHS campaigners to send a strong message to the Tories.
  • To continue to make the links between war and bombing of Syria, the replacement of Trident and the NHS funding crisis.
  • To commission a guide to successful campaigning drawing on the successes and experiences of Cambridgeshire NHS activists and others.

2) Dewesbury Keep Our NHS Public

Support for the NHS Bill to reinstate a publicly funded, publicly provided and accountable NHS

This conference notes that the NHS is becoming increasingly fragmented, costly, and inequitable and the state no longer takes responsibility for the nation’s health.

We need our health services to be comprehensive, transparent, equitable and affordable.  The only way all these goals can be attained is through full public ownership.

On 1 July 2015, 12 MPs from five political parties including Jeremy Corbyn and Caroline Lucas tabled the National Health Service Bill in the House of Commons, based on the second version of the NHS Reinstatement Bill. The NHS Bill is scheduled for its second reading on 11 March 2016

We note that the NHS Bill sets out the way to fully restore the NHS as an accountable public service by reversing 25 years of marketisation in the NHS, by abolishing the purchaser-provider split, ending contracting and re-establishing public bodies and public services accountable to local communities.  It gives direction for the integration of health with social care and it removes the NHS from EU competition law.

The Bill already has widespread backing from campaigners and political parties. However, we also note that Labour has yet to commit to the bill.

This conference commits the People's Assembly to support the NHS Bill, both locally and nationally. The People's Assembly, in collaboration with other pro-NHS campaigns and groups, shall call a national day of action before 11 March 2016 in support of the bill and against further privatisation of the NHS. We call on local People's Assembly groups to apply pressure to their local MPs to back the bill and to spread the word in their local area.

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