Motions on: EU Referendum

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1) Doncaster People's Assembly

1) Doncaster Peoples Assembly

The IN-Out referendum on EU membership will be conducted as a debate between contending Neoliberal groups, led by businessmen and business-backed politicians. The debate will be about markets, profits and immigration.

Both parties are anti-trade union. Both parties will use immigration as a bargaining chip to gain working class votes. Both parties support continued austerity, market deregulation and free trade agreements. All to the detriment of workers across Europe whose rights are being undermined and destroyed.

The Left, the trade unions and campaigning groups which make up the Peoples Assembly, are divided in their voting preferences. Therefore the Peoples Assembly cannot campaign for either option (In or Out).

There is a very real danger that whichever option is eventually voted for, workers’ rights and organisation will be marginalised.

We resolve that the Peoples Assembly should:
Become an active participant in the debate by producing literature; organising and attending debates; and developing a speakers list to warn of the dangers inherent in both positions (In or Out) to the Labour movement. This includes the reduction of our rights to strike, protest and organise.

Work with our constituent bodies to counter the racist myths inherent in both camps.

Encourage trade unions and the TUC to actively promote workers’ rights across the continent, by developing solidarity actions including Europe-wide MAY Day demonstrations and celebrations, which raise the need for solidarity in the face of increased competition for markets.

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